When is Weight Distribution Needed?

Posted on November 26 2018

When is Weight Distribution Needed?

When Is Weight Distribution Needed?

You would likely benefit from a weight distribution system if:

  • Your trailer weight (GTW) is more than 50 percent of your vehicle's weight (GVWR)
  • The rear of your tow vehicle sags when the trailer is hooked up
  • You experience trailer sway
  • Your tow vehicle's headlights point upward
  • You find it difficult to steer or stop your rig
  • You want to tow to the highest capacity allowed by your vehicle's trailer hitch

Note: To use a weight-distributing system, your trailer hitch must be rated for use with weight distribution. Check the weight rating label on your hitch to make sure that a weight-distributing capacity is listed. If no rating is listed, a weight distribution system cannot be used.

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