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In Patriot Hitches, LLC we provide consumers with the highest quality products by assuring their performance, consistency, safety and value. This commitment is rooted in our corporate values and is essential to our continued growth and success. - "S.T.A.R." -


Why Patriot Hitches

We will exceed our comprehensive "Global Patriot Hitches, LLC Quality Standards" in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products as well as meet or exceed all government requirements and consumer expectations worldwide.



We will maintain high quality standards as we design and manufacture our products by the most efficient means possible to ensure they are affordable to the greatest number of consumers throughout the world.


The General

patriot hitches trailer

  • I ordered The Captain hitch from Patriot Hitches. I chose this company as it is Veteran owned and they support the Wounded Warrior Project. As a fellow veteran, I love my country and support her in every way. Someone decided to need my D ring more than me as I noticed it was missing when I went to hook up my trailer. I contacted Patriot Hitches inquiring on purchasing a replacement (yes, I could have gone to tractor supply or any where else but they are not Veteran Owned!) I had a reply back the same day from the owner asking me what model trailer hitch was I bought and the color scheme and he would have one in the mail for me ASAP! No Charge!!!! I was shocked! No one does this anymore. Makes me even prouder to be an American and Veteran to see how Veterans take care of their customers Veteran or not! Outstanding Business and Outstanding products. I brag about my trailer hitch to everyone that ask and even those who don't. I own a F450 and the trailer hitch is used a lot by various different trailer tongues. It is strong as hell and convenient with the multiple hitch styles. I strongly recommend buying a trailer hitch from this company reasons being, it is a Veteran owned company, for what they stand for, who they support, for the outstanding product they provide and for the Amazing customer service!

    Jon Redimarker

    WOW! Amazing Hitch!

  • My 18000 lb patriot hitch on rails is the finest hitch known to man.! Quiet, no chunking or banging around, Had a cheep one before, no more. This hitch is the cats meow!!

    Ben Roy

    Extremely Satisfied