About us

Who Am I

My name is Scott A. McCuskey, the Owner of Patriot Hitches, LLC. I am a local Ohioan/Pennsylvanian, inventor, entrepreneur, problem solver and avid outdoorsman. Most importantly, I am a proud Disabled Veteran who served my country with great pride and honor before being medically discharged with the rank of Sergeant (E-5) due to career-ending injuries back in 1991. I have done many things in my life and business, but nothing comes quite close to what I am about to share with you and our company.

Not only is my company considered a part of America's Minority Groups as a Veteran and Disabled Veteran, but we are also committed to promoting equality and diversity through EEOC/AAP Plans. We embrace individuals from various backgrounds to ensure equality and diversity within our operation, welcoming people from diverse nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds into our workforce. Our people, business, operation, and facility make us a very desirable and unique group of intelligent, talented, skilled, and highly motivated individuals. We have brought great products to the market and will continue to do so as the industry evolves with new patented designs that solve problems with ease, ultimately saving you time and money.

I have built a solid reputation through innovative designs, superior products, and quality of service. We look forward to aligning ourselves with individuals and businesses who share that same mission, vision, values, and goals of providing superior quality, products, customer service, and reliability that have contributed to our success.

With Patriot Hitches and our 5 "S.T.A.R." (Strength, Trust, Able, and Radical – "All You'll Ever Need In A Hitch"™) approach, our customers will save time, money, and energy. With the purchase of any of our ALL-mount hitches, you will be prepared to tow, haul, or pull your way around any situation instantly, easily, and without any effort, stress, or tools. Our hitches are built to last with durable steel, heavy-duty welded construction, and a weather-resistant black powder coat finish, all backed by a lifetime warranty against any product failure under specified uses and limitations.

Patriot Hitches specializes in innovative, patented, and versatile hitches that are not currently on the market by anyone else and are relevant, necessary, and completely problem-solving. Our hitches eliminate frustrations and, of course, appeal to and are used by the masses. We believe it is important to reiterate that our products are patented, meaning NO competition, and you won't find them offered by anyone else! Our hitches arebuilt with the best materials available and are third-party independently quality-tested to exceed consumer expectations and meet J684 Testing Standards and Certifications. Additionally, we are EDI Certified.